karl saliterKarl Saliter




"I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Saliter as a specialty performer. He’s always striving for new, innovative delivery, techniques and tricks. He’s performed at our festival in character, dialect and deed as well as our black-tie dinners and local news program. Whatever the occasion, Karl is ready with witty repartee and matching feats…Brilliant!"
- Gail Winar, Managing Director, The New York Renaissance Festival

"Wonderful wit, perfect timing. Thanks for a super premium performance."
- Joseph Hudak, Jr, President, Guinness Import Company

"Nothing but positive feedback on your presentation."
- Karolyn Kiburz, Meeting Planner

"An incredible presentation." - Ed Azif, Meetings on Hudson

"Karl would have little difficulty adapting his show to many themes and audiences. I recommend him with fanfare and look forward to his return trip."
- Todd Marble, Kent School

"Amazing Skill and Intellect. His comedic touch is one of a kind. An entertainer to watch for in the future."
- Brett Galley, Co-Owner, Hollywood Pop Gallery

"Unique and highly entertaining."
- Donald Schramm, University of Wisconsin

- Jane Curtin, Saturday Night Live